Before and After-Day Programs

We accept child/children of all ages at our before and after-day program.

Living Skills Programs

Our living skills program teaches child/children valuable lessons they can use in daily life.

Learning Skills Program

We help child/children succeed through our learning skills program.

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Learn, Discover, Explore - and Make the World Creative

Helping child/children in Cheyenne, WY develop learning and living skills

Every child has a different learning style. Unfortunately, the structure of traditional schooling may not align with your child's learning style, especially if they struggle with developmental challenges. Fortunately, Extended Support Center has created a safe place for students with learning disabilities to land. We teach in a supportive environment.

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Learn More About our Before and After Day Program in Cheyenne, WY

Child/children receive hands-on tutoring and homework help in a supportive environment

Help your child gain and maintain independence

Help your child gain and maintain independence

We're one of the only centers in the Cheyenne, WY area that uses active learning to teach learning and living skills. Your child is in excellent hands at our center because we:

  • Offer hands-on tutoring and mentoring
  • Employ highly trained, trustworthy educators
  • Encourage independence and critical thinking
  • Have over 11 years of experience in special education

Help your child develop learning skills and living skills at our center. Enroll today.

What is active learning?

When children have ownership over their learning, they're more likely to enjoy it. That's the idea of active learning and something we practice at our learning center. Through engagement, collaboration and role playing, we help students understand complex subjects and learn how to think critically.