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Take advantage of our before and-after day program in Cheyenne, WY

Extended Support Center offers before and after-day programs at our learning center in Cheyenne, WY. We help child/children complete their homework, prepare for school and gain a better understanding of tough subjects through hands-on tutoring. To better assist our busy parents, we also offer transportation to and from our learning center.

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What can your child expect at our before and-after day program?

What can your child expect at our before and-after day program?

Our before and after-day programs focus on learning and social development. Child/children will receive:

  • Help with social skills: Communication, peer interaction, recognizing emotions, following directions, dealing with anger and frustration and using self control. These are some of the many social skills we work on with the child while they are attending the Before and After-Day Program.
  • Tutoring: Homework assistance, supplemental materials to decrease regression.
  • Mentoring: Modeling age appropriate interactions with others and improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Access to engaging STEAM activities involving weekly themes
  • Hands-on help with homework

Your child is sure to feel safe and comfortable in our learning day program engaging in enriching activities, all while having fun.

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